5 Key Steps for Starting An International Distribution Business

An essential guide to setting up a sustainable and stable business

Like any business ventures, there are steps that need to be taken when setting up an international distribution business. Before it can grow and expand, building a stable base will help ensure that your business will be able to withstand future trials and tribulations. Therefore we provide you 5 key steps for starting and international distribution business:


One of the most important things you can do when setting up an international distribution business is to assess your capital and understand the best way to manage to best suit your line of business. Cost projection is an essential part of starting up any new business venture, as without sufficient support the sustainability of a business is threatened, and growth will be a distant dream. Cost projection is needed so that you can manage your capital correctly and understand where to best allocate your funds.

More importantly still, understanding that funds don’t make up the bulk of capital – people, places, networks, and software are capitals that need to be deftly managed too. Committing resources of unquestionable quality will ensure that you can build a business that can be aggressive in its development even in the early stages.


As mentioned above, people are an important form of capital. From employees to partnerships, the people you weave into your business will contribute significantly to its development. Managing the man-power that you have at your disposal will dictate how your business will grow, as finding and building a team that is dedicated and ambitious is essential. Carefully identify key positions and appoint ambitious individuals that can fulfill your business needs, find the right people who are experienced in their fields, and are enthusiastic in growing with the company – with the right people in place you won’t have to micro manage and can instead focus on the bigger picture of how to continuously grow your international distribution business.


Can you spot emerging local trends? Or is there currently a demand in the market that isn’t being met? These gaps in the market are opportunities that can – and should be – seized! Understanding your local market is the first step to finding the products that can answer those needs. Looking outwards is important as you can project what will pique interest in the future, but the development of local trends and interests will keep you relevant in your market. Staying sensitive to developments in your market is essential in formulating an appropriate response to the market’s ever-changing need, and understanding what you, as an international distributor can do.


A dynamic strategy that changes according to trends and market opportunities may be important in the short term, but establishing goals and a framework to achieve long term plans is needed to ensure that your business has longevity. In the long run, a greater objective that serves as the ultimate dream can help you navigate the market by understanding what ventures should be explored and which can be bypassed for the moment. A strategic mapping of targets will also ensure that the partnerships you establish will be advantageous to your business’ advancement.


In every point that’s been discussed, selecting the right partnerships plays a key role in eventual growth. By understanding how a partnership with a brand can potentially be beneficial in various aspects of your development, you can identify the key points that you need in order to evolve your business.

Before establishing a partnership to expand your business, be certain that the commitment level you pledge will be answered in kind. At Makarizo we supply service support and education modules to support your business, as we believe mutual support iis needed for sustainable growth. A partnership is a mutual investment to expand both your businesses. Recognizing each other’s strengths and experiences to build a strong partnership, and a willingness to work together will ensure that you can achieve all that you set out for.



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