Hair Perfume and Its Role to Support Younger Consumers’ Lifestyle

The virus of beauty consciousness among younger consumers is spreading faster than ever, and this time, it affects the world of fragrance. Dealing with schedules which require being active and confident has created a new need for product that does not only support beauty appearance but also the whole self-performance. While perfume as the ever so important part of beauty regime starts to lose its touch among consumers (Mintel, 2015), its innovative form is now taking place, serving as both perfume and also hair care.

The idea of hair perfume arose from the concerns of young consumers who enjoy active and energetic life. No matter how much time one spends in front of a mirror, trying to look perfect, many factors from daily life are always waiting to destroy the effort. Ones that are hard to escape from are sweat and air pollution which cause hair to smell unpleasant. Moreover the threat of the sunrays always haunt during the days, leaving hair foul-smelling; and thus, dropping the level of confidence.

Surely, washing hair can send the problems away. However, as simple as it sounds, that situation just does not happen so easily. Jam packed-schedules sometimes do not allow even a little refreshing escape, which automatically crosses hair wash out of the list and puts an instant solution on demand.

Carrying the concept of one spray away to fragrant hair, hair perfume works as the perfect answer to the concerns above. Breaking the norm that perfume is only meant for clothes, hair perfume is a simple fuzz-free product which allows busy individuals to immediately solve their smelly hair issue. More reason to love this product is that some of them even contain extra ingredients in the formula for hair nourishment and protection, which makes it not surprising that “both fragrance and hair care users show significant interest in hair perfumes, particularly younger people” (Moeglin, Mintel 2015).

Although seemed so perfect, hair perfume still has one flaw that is overlooked by both manufacturers and consumers. The fact that hair with unpleasant odor is sprayed by hair perfume does not mean that the odor is simply going away. Working similarly as the regular perfume, hair perfume only covers the odor with its fragrance, which sometimes might aggravate the odor even more.

So what makes a perfect hair perfume? Other than having to be easy to use, a hair perfume should neutralize the initial odor before layering the hair with fragrance. The hair needs to be prepared as a base where the scent of the perfume can work fine without being hindered by the odor. Good longevity is also another factor that makes a perfect hair perfume as it provides consumers with reassurance of odor-free hair all day. Another thing that needs attention is the packaging. One can never know when a bad odor will strike, which makes it necessary for manufacturers to place their hair perfume in a container that is easy to carry. Last but not least, a hair perfume is much better when it also works as a hair care as it is what makes it different from the regular perfume.

Makarizo Hair Energy with its dedication to support active young consumers understands such concerns and needs, which inspired the brand to produce Makarizo Hair Energy Scentsations as the first hair perfume in Indonesia. Its Scentech-F allows the product to neutralize hair odor before perfuming hair with fragrance. Consumers do not have to worry about hair odor all day with the long-lasting fragrance, and they can always re-spray the product as it is available in both dressing table and travelling sizes. As a plus point, the perfume also works as body mist, saving consumers from having to carry 2 perfumes at the same time.

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