Instant Volume for an Instant Transformation

Three simple, foolproof ways to boost the confidence of salon goers

The age old-adage ‘time is money’ has now become a rallying cry which pushes brands to better cater to the needs of consumers who are in a rush to run though their routines, but refuse to sacrifice vanity for. Traditionally, simple problems like limp hair require hours of attention to fix – technological and technical breakthroughs have of course lessened the time it requires to poke life back into hair. But are the options now readily available?

While we are in the opinion that the road to perfection  can’t always be rushed, the need for a quick and affordable instant confidence boost to get rid of lifeless, listless hair has challenged people to find great solutions that brands are quick to answer.

Answers, like most things in life, should come with options. And we’re happy to tell you we have 3 great solutions up our sleeves:

  1. It’s Simple Chemistry

A root perm, unlike a full head of perm won’t necessarily mean an extended period of time sitting in a hairdresser’s chair, with a magazine in hand and a head full of rolls. In the hands of expert hairdressers whose experienced fingers contain a little magic, root-boosts with a volumizer can give hair more volume which will give hair a little extra semi-permanent bounce.

Perfect for every style, root-boosts are great for people who have no confidence in their own styling skills and want to enjoy the results of a hairdresser’s expert touch.

  1. Spray-On Sureness

Hair spray is the beauty industry’s ever reliable little black dress. This salon staple can do more than just keep hair in place! A can of hair spray can be the most versatile product under the right hands, from gorgeous haute couture creations to everyday upgrades; hairspray is the best friend you can always rely on.

A quick back comb and an expert application of hair spray can create instant volume. The best thing about this quick trick is that the array of hair sprays with differing finishes means that you can tailor your look for any occasion. Find the perfect bounce, from a sweet, natural shine for an everyday look to an eye-catching gloss to attract attention.

  1. Manageable Mousse Magic

Upside down, the world looks like a different place. While enjoying a different perspective, run some mousse on hair that’s 90 percent dry and give it a little shake under the soothing heat of a hair drier. This great trick that hairdressers have in styling hair has inspired brands across the world to create the perfect product for people to create instant lift.

Lightweight and without residue, a little mousse can go a long way under the right conditions. Often the go-to product for hairstylist who have to deal with clients who want a little more flexibility in their styled hair, the mousse is a secret weapon we don’t mind sharing.


The best news is that finding the right product for the right look is a little easier if you have a complete arsenal of salon daily staples, and quick-fix tricks.

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