Maximizing the Opportunity in Hair Colorant

All customers want what is best for their hair, and this is unexceptional to hair color. As the value in the market fluctuates following the demands, keeping up to customers’ preference is utterly important. Research on what they like and what they dislike whether it is the color, the trend, or the ingredients is essential to be continuously conducted to understand the most up-to-date preference especially in the target market geography and demography. Despite currently seeing a decline in some Western countries (Mintel, 2016), hair colorant is still a promising field to touch as long as the issues leading to the downfall are well overcome.

In order to create a sustainable hair colorant business especially in terms of distribution, there are 3 basic aspects that have to be taken into account.



Before distributing hair colorant products, knowing the color trend in the target market is unquestionably essential since the demand for hair colorant can also come from customers’ demand. As different countries have different holidays and national events, the color trend might be different from one country to another. Comparing the global color trend with the regional trend helps to identify the profile of the market in order to create accurate forecast. For example, the inclining color trend in Asia is colors that appear bright and bold, as a result of Millennials with their technological savvy tend to absorb trends that are being hyped in social media, and this goes without saying that the opportunity for bright colorant also inclines (Mintel, 2016).



Customers nowadays are very health conscious. They do not mind taking their time to read the ingredient list behind every product packaging just to ensure that there is no harmful substance that enters their body. This retail shopping habit has also expanded to the land of professional salons as people start to question the ingredients used in the products applied to their hair especially chemical products. For a distributor, choosing hair colorant products that contain natural ingredients has automatically become a necessity.

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Everybody knows that chemical hair color does not last forever, but still those who last longer are at an advantage. This is in-line with Mintel’s insight (2016) which says that “brightening and long-lasting claims are essential for new hair colorant products”.


Available as a colorant that fulfills all the aspects above, Makarizo Concept Ultimax provides hair colorant with Italian expertise, incorporating KR+8 and micro crystal pigment technology for long-lasting color and light reflection. The KR+8 technology combines keratin, rice, protein, and 8 other natural ingredients to lock color and keep hair healthy. Makarizo Concept Ultimax Colorant is available in 85 shades, ready to fulfill any kind of hair trend in different countries.

After going through evolution from ancient time to the 21st century, hair colorant is still going strong as an aid to enhance appearance and also as a fashion support. According to Mintel (2016), the estimated value for global colorant markets in 2015 is about $10 billion. Although the global retail value shows that hair colorant placed 10 far below shampoo and conditioner (Mintel, 2016), there is still a higher chance of hair colorant growth with regards to salon practice. India and Indonesia are two Asian countries who in 2015 showed a significant growth and proved that there is more than a presumed hope of hair colorant growth in Asia.

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