The Importance of Goals for Your Distribution Business

Being engaged in a distribution business, you might find yourself tangled in the middle of problems involving your clients, shipment issues, or market trends. You might also feel like you have tried your best to solve them, but you still have not seen an oasis in the middle of the depressing desert you are walking at.

In the middle of such desperation of business, looking back at your initial goals may help ease up your burden. Here are 5 reasons why goals are important:

A focused business
Sometimes, the cause of business failures is that the players are too distracted with the problems and opportunities that freely come and go instead of focusing on the initial plan why they created the business in the first place.

By looking back at the business goals, you will keep your business focused only on what’s necessary and things you want to achieve. Surely, grabbing opportunities are tempting and sometimes is not wrong to do, but goals will keep you on the path you have set to walk on.

Knowing what to achieve and how to achieve it
You are not living your distribution business like an adventurous life of a backpacker where you go with the wind. Just by distributing products without knowing what to achieve will get you nowhere. The worst thing to come, you might even be jolted with deficit income.

When you make your first journey based on your goals, you will know what to prepare before leaving, what transport to use, what the destination is, which path to choose, and even what might disturb you in the middle of the trip. Translated into the distribution business, you will have a clear map of what your market is, how to get into the market, what building blocks to use to grow the business, and who your competitors are.

Measure progress
Ever wonder if your business is successful enough? Open your old book and see what your goals said about your future. You may consider your business successful when your goals are achieved.

Not there yet? Twist the negative thought from the burdensome “There is still 20% of the target to achieve” to “Hey I am just 20% away to reach the target”. See the difference?

A motivation to keep you going
Sometimes, walking a long and winding road feels hard, and you need motivation to keep on going. When you seem like to lose the spirit to continue the battle, don’t just give up and leave your armory because the motivation you seek for may have been with you the whole time.

Imagine yourself as a marathon runner in the middle of a competition who is feeling extremely exhausted, and you suddenly feel the burst of energy just because you see the finish line. Just like the runner, visualizing your goals can also help give you energy because it is a constant reminder that you don’t run extra miles for nothing.

Triggers your best performance
Every goal is like a ticking bomb that gives you a certain time to detonate it before it explodes. In other words, your goals also have their expiry date. When you are too laid back, your golden moment to create the most or to capture the best clients may have gone, leaving you blaming the situation without really knowing what went wrong.

Given that situation, there is no other way but to try your very best to get the best. Goals will help trigger your internal flame in order to give your very best performance, strategy, team work, and most importantly attitude, which is good not only for the business but also to you and your team’s personal character development.

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